Super Football Championship

Superbowl: A Super Football Championship

For all those living under a rock, unaware and unaffected by the term superbowl, it’s popularity might come as a surprise, but for all those football enthusiasts, it is already an event they eagerly wait for the whole year.It is an annual championship game of football of the NFL that is the National Football League. The immense craze and popularity this championship has had are unbeatable and the love and support keep growing by leaps and bounds every year.

Viewership  and popularity:

Back in time, it was started as an act of merger between the National Football League and then rival American football league. Ever since it has been a famous choice of watch and people with different backgrounds, united by a love for football enjoy the championship. It has an immense fan base of its own and is rated as the most viewed annual sporting event in the world. Due to its high viewership, the commercial ads shown in between are heavily charged and has been named the most expensive broadcast.

Betting grounds:

The popularity of any championship especially, one as famous as the superbowl, gives people a chance to corrupt and earn illegally. Every year hundreds of bettors lean in, to try and win at their chance of luck and promote these side businesses. There are multiple online platforms as well, that encourage people to place their bets and earn huge profits with every match.

Overall, with the growing craze, it is expected to flourish even more and reach the audience at a worldwide level, ingraining itself in the hearts of millions.