Gay massage can’t be complete without prostate stimulation. Here are a few tips to make it worthwhile

No real gay massage can leave aside prostate stimulation. What’s more, this unique treatment is slowly making its way into the heterosexual world as men are more open to experimentation. Still, it remains a staple mark of homosexual enjoyment. And it has multiple positive effects on your health. Here we’re going to offer you a few tips to make the most of it and also give advice as to what should be avoided. In short:

What to do:

  • Keep cool and relax
  • Set the environment rightly
  • Use a lubricant
  • Try it with a pro first

And what not to do:

  • Rush it
  • Do it without preparation
  • Get drunk
  • Start without emptying first

In a gay massage, a proper relaxation is the key

If this is your first time you’re having your prostate stimulated, we can’t stress this enough – relax! If you’re a bit tense during a regular massage, that can be worked with. But a prostate massage is performed via your anus – either by a finger or an appropriate erotic toy. Clenching your sphincters is a natural reaction to an unfamiliar object entering your butt, but you must overcome it to ease its passage. Otherwise you may find yourself in pain rather than the extreme pleasure you signed up to when deciding to try a prostate stimulation.

Make sure you’re in a suggestive environment

This ties closely to the first point. A good setting will definitely help you relax properly. Make sure you’re enjoying yourselves in a comfortable room, play some soothing music, light some candles – whatever floats your boat.


A good lubricant works wonders and makes the whole thing a lot more enjoyable. There’s plenty of those on sale, either as gels, creams or oils, each one with slightly different properties. You may want to take your time to acquaint yourself with them beforehand, to make sure you select the right one.

Perhaps give it a go at a professional salon before jumping into it

To get a gist of prostate stimulation, why don’t you first try to experience it as it is performed by a professional before trying with your partner? There’s plenty of specialised erotic salons out there where you can try this service yourself in a way it should be done. So don’t hesitate to lend yourself into the hands of a skilled masseur before doing anything rash that may hurt later…

This should paint a clearer picture of what to do. But it wouldn’t be complete without learning what not to do… read on and find out!

Leave haste for another time

Give it plenty of time before starting to tease your partner’s prostate – or letting him tease yours. An anus is very sensitive and should be penetrated slowly and with the help of a lubricant. If things go too fast, you will feel it – and not in a good way. A botched prostate stimulation can leave you in massive pain and even have a long-term consequences.

Don’t underestimate learning. Be prepared even as far as theory goes

Learn about prostate massage and its technique beforehand. Prostate is one of the most sensitive spots in men’s bodies and it is imperative you know what you are doing. Scour the internet, ask your gay friends – do all you can to gather as much knowledge on this topic as possible.

Don’t get drunk

At least not as much. While limited amounts of booze may help you relax a bit, overdoing it is not advised. Not only does alcohol dull the pleasure, but also the pain, while greatly impairing your judgement. What may seem OK to you at first, or at least bearable, will seriously hurt once the alcohol wears off. Massaging your prostate is best done with composure, not in a drunken bravado.

Don’t go for it without emptying your bowels

When stimulating the anus, there is always a risk that bowel reflexes will be triggered, resulting in a quite messy accident. So it is absolutely necessary to empty yourself thoroughly before… unless it’s your thing of course…

These are the things that should keep in mind to enjoy your gay massage to the full. But perhaps you have more tips – share them with us! If you are a straight man reading this – would you consider letting your wife or girlfriend try this on you? If so, why? If not, why not? We’re eager to hear your thoughts!